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2Develop Training Programs
Our training programs are exciting, engaging, and focused with a spirited delivery that truly drives results. If you actually want tangible instruction that drives meaningful results for your people and your organization, try our programs.

While most training occurs as an event, 2Develop programs work because they contain highly interactive activities and discussions increasing participation, collaboration, and reflection.

Each session draws on the experiences of the participants to enrich the learning process and establish the foundation for the transfer of skills and knowledge to the job.

Training Programs

The Leadership Balance
Real leaders can manage individuals, teams, and drive new results from the workforce. How do they do it? Real leaders understand the leadership balance, effectively navigating and generating support from above while driving results from below. The Leadership Balance program explores the principles of great leadership and how to apply those principles in real situations, the true art of leadership.

Behold the Power of Cheese
Today’s workers face a dynamic, constantly changing work environment that can be frustrating and can negatively impact productivity. How should we face this environment to perform at our best? This program will enable participants to strengthen their ability to adapt to change and increase productivity and teamwork in this environment.

Get In the Game: Coach Your Employees
Strengthening performance is critical to leadership success, and coaching provides a foundation for excellent performance management communication. This program will equip supervisors and managers with the critical interpersonal communication skills to help them drive better business performance while maintaining high morale. Participants will explore coachable moments, coaching techniques, and the coaching conversation through real organization situation case studies and activities.

Facilitation Excellence
Effective facilitation is about helping people get work done. The ability to facilitate enables individuals and teams to analyze issues more effectively, solve problems, plan workloads, and create commitment. The Facilitation Excellence course is a practical and tactical skill building experience where participants apply facilitation tools and techniques in meeting situations defined by your organization. Participants will leave with a clear understanding of how to manage interaction and use facilitation processes to drive results in any meeting.

Leading though Personal Power
How do you lead without using positional power? Lead through personal power! This program will help participants understand and develop their emotional intelligence and build a foundation for collaboration and influence that creates a shared understanding, solve problems, and manage conflict when leading.

Effective Performance Management: Quietly Motivating Excellence

2Develop Training Programs "When the best leader’s work is done the people say, 'We did it ourselves!'"

Performance management should not be a painful experience for you or your team. It must encourage and inspire new and improved performance. This session will outline the key components of a successful and pain minimizing performance management program. Participants will learn the most common pitfalls of performance management and the critical tools and techniques to generate performance success.

Team Dynamics: Restarting Stuck Teams

"Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work."
--Vince Lombardi

Does your team work? Is it stuck? Great team leaders create a trusting and encouraging environment where meaningful work is completed and conflict results in team consensus and action. Learn the basic truths about why teams get stuck and what techniques you can use to refuel and energize your team to move into the future. Participants will learn about team and organizational behavior, its affect on performance, and the techniques to truly lead a productive and energized team.

Timely Decisions
Have too much work to do and too little time? Welcome to the 21st Century. As companies slim and knowledge workers become the backbone of organization success, the capability to make the right decision at the right time is critical. This program will look at the planning, prioritizing, and performing components of time at work to help participants manage their time and make the best decisions for successful performance.

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