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If you are looking for technical manuals that are well organized, clear and concise, and presented simply, then 2Develop can help. We have effectively written, illustrated and produced engaging content and graphics that achieve their intended purpose.

2Develop can help you preserve your proprietary information and experience within your organization and keep it from walking out the door.

At 2Develop, we use a systematic approach in completing our technical learning projects. Through our thorough and unique customization process, each project receives individualized attention, ensuring the needs of our clients and their audiences are addressed.

We systematically:
  • Analyze the needs of the client and target audience.

  • Study the content and conduct in-depth interviews with subject matter experts (SME’s) to understand the product, procedure, and/or process.

  • Enhance and articulate messages through illustrations, charts, and photographs.

  • Showcase the company’s products and services through the use of marketing and promotional material.

2Develop can help you rewrite, update, or create new technical documentation or training programs to capture and retain your proprietary knowledge and skills and transfer them to the next generation. 2Develop is particularly adept at:
  • Transforming complex content into the plain truth

  • Organizing complex content

  • Developing easy to use documents and programs

  • Constructing messages that gain attention and engages the reader/learner

  • Creating attractive and eye catching graphics

  • Ensuring key messages are communicated, understood, and remembered

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