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2Develop Talent Management Businesses generally have information on almost every area of their operations, except people. The information that is available about people can seldom answer the important questions like:
    1. Do we have a talent surplus/shortage in any area and are we at risk?
    2. Do we know what our best people look like and how to replicate that success?
    3. Do we know who to develop and how to retain them?
    4. Do we know who is ready for promotion and where they could be deployed?

What is Talent Manager?

Talent Manager has been developed specifically to build PEOPLE INTELLIGENCE© in companies. PEOPLE INTELLEGENCE© is the ability to make good people decisions based on: Relevant, Recent, Accurate and Complete information.

What Can Talent Manager Enable HR Professionals to Conduct?

Each Talent Manager user license includes*:
  • User profiling based on competencies

  • Technical skills and experiences

  • Unlimited position profiling based on competencies

  • Unlimited use of the 360 for the system users

  • Identification of high potentials, high performers and high professionals

  • Interview guides for all positions
    1. ...Behavioral and Technical Interviewing

  • Gap Analyses between people and:
    1. ...Positions
      ...Research profiles
      ...Team roles

  • Research-backed data on potential and failures

In addition, you also get licenses to the following copyrighted Lominger tools for each user:
  • 67 Experience-tested, research-based Leadership Competencies

  • The Lominger Competency Remedies (FYI Book)

  • The Recruiting Architect (Interview Questions)

  • The Leadership 360 Feedback (Multi-rater tool)
*Note: Access to the system is via internet or intranet 24/7 from anywhere in the world with the option to have it in Spanish.

2Develop Talent Management

"Hewitt found that while only 30% of all companies consistently use a formal approach to develop high-potential leaders, 83% of high-performing companies do so."

- CFO Magazine, June 2003

What You Can Expect From Talent Manager

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