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"There will be 10 million more jobs than people in 2010"
--U.S. Department of Labor Statistics: The Occupational Outlook Handbook, Bulletin 2450

"48% of mid-level managers say they might leave"
--The War for Talent: Michaels, Handfield-Jones, Axelrod, pg. 4-6

Is your company ready for the battle that lies ahead?

2Develop Succession Planning We plan succession from the bottom up Ė from the front line. In the battle for talent, succession planning at the front line is a critically acclaimed new weapon.

Most succession planning programs start at the top, and work their way down to the middle of the organization. That leaves most critical workers out! Just like an army, your organization hinges on the performance of thousands of individual soldiers, your workers. Succession planning should begin at the front lines, be that the shop floor, on the phones, or in the cubicles of your organization.

2Developís unique approach to Succession Planning at the Front Line includes the critical steps to develop and lead this program using our unique Change Ladder:

2Develop's methods turn into business results!

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