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Most people will say they want a performance management program, and most people dislike the programs they have.

Why? Below are several questions that may uncover the root of the problem:
  • Are performance reviews a dreaded activity in your organization?

  • Do managers avoid completing performance reviews or complete them half-heartedly or haphazardly?

  • Does your performance management system evaluate performance consistently across the organization?

  • Does your organization regularly communicate performance expectations to employees?

  • Does your performance management system measure both quantifiable and non-quantifiable performance standards?

  • Does your performance management system provide training to employees designed to improve the performance management process?

  • Does your performance management system drive results to your bottom line?

2Develop will work with your organization to customize a performance management program that reduces the pain in your performance appraisal process to help you unleash your desired results. One example...

Performance ManagementThe Challenge
A large independent oil company wanted to open up their culture and increase accountability across the organization.

The Solution
Design, plan, and execute a new performance management program customized to help the organization develop their people and improve performance.

Results Unleashed
The customized performance management program has had a tremendous impact on the organization's culture, performance, communication, and morale.

Program Goals
All of our performance management programs are built with these practical goals in mind, ensuring you unleash new results:

  • Identify, grow and retain talent.
  • Increase communication and performance feedback.
  • Increase accountability for goals and performance.

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