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2Develop Human Capital Assessment Everyone says their people are their most important asset, but what exactly are the most important Human Capital practices to manage this asset?

2Develop can help your organization identify, create and implement Human Capital best practices that will help ensure your organization is doing all it can to effectively and efficiently manage your organizationís talent.

Our Human Capital programs include:
  • HR Compliance
    Fortify your HR practices through an HR Compliance Audit

  • Management Coaching
    Strengthen your leadership, organizational, operational and financial skills

  • Organization Design and Governance
    Create an organization structure and roles that unleash your organizationís capability

  • Human Capital Processes
    Assess your people and human capital processes to gain a competitive edge

  • Performance Measurement and Goal Alignment
    Drive new performance through an alignment of the right measures to increase accountability and drive the right results
"People can be encouraged to change, but if the structure of the system in which the individuals work does not support them or allow enough flexibility, improvement efforts will fail.

Similarly, if the organization's governance, policies, structures, time frames, and resource allocation are changed but the individuals within the organization do not have opportunities to learn how to work within the new system, the improvement effort will fail."

- Todnem & Warner (1994)

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