Are you interested in protecting yourself from the time and expense of non-compliance? 2Develop can help.

If tomorrow morning your organization received a charge of discrimination from the EEOC or was visited by a representative from the Department of Labor, are you confident that your Human Resources practices are consistent with policy and compliant with state and federal law? Within the last two years, has your leadership team dedicated the time necessary to objectively review the company’s policies and procedures?

Considering the fact that most companies operate with a lean Human Resources staff, the task of designing and reviewing Human Resources systems and ensuring their compliance with the many related laws is time consuming and burdensome at best. 2Develop can help.

2Develop will provide a comprehensive examination of your Human Resources systems to ensure they are consistent with practice, legally compliant, properly interpreted and aligned with best practices.

2Develop will evaluate the effectiveness of those systems in comparison to the company’s structure, culture and performance and then design a strategy to correct problem areas before they escalate into expensive lawsuits or fines from state or federal agencies.

2Develop can help you rest easy, knowing that your Human Resources practices are clear, informative, risk abating, strategically aligned and best practice focused.

Does your Company Meet Current HR Regulations?
Today’s highly regulated employment environment requires business leaders, such as yourself, to navigate through a myriad of complex Human Resources issues and statutory requirements. While you desire to focus on growing your business, a great amount of your time and attention is required to ensure that company policies, procedures and practices remain consistent and legally compliant. As the business grows, so do the headaches of keeping up with additional regulations triggered by the passing of various milestones. 2Develop can help.

When should an audit be conducted?
With the statutory requirements and practical operating practices in mind, we recommend that a Human Resources compliance audit be conducted when your company:
  • reaches the staffing intervals of 15, 50 and 100 employees

  • grows to the size that supervisors are routinely making employment-related decisions without first having to seek approval from Human Resources

  • has multiple locations
  • creates or revises an employee handbook

  • is or becomes a government contractor

  • experiences a significant number of employee relations-related complaints

  • has not conducted such a review in the last twelve months

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